Creepypasta Roleplay



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Welcome to a murder-filled roleplay....

Welcome, Welcome don't be afraid to come. Here you have the freedom of the underworld and the human relm. Enjoy your time here, be careful what path you choose, it may be the wrong one..







Rules!!! (Sadly)

1. Do not over kill (Kill everyone)

2. You can do 18+ rp's at your own risk ;)

3. Once a character is taken there can only be one of that character

4. Want any changes? Ask Alana

5. Do. Not. Spam. ~plz

6. You don't have to ask Alana to be someone but I guess you can

7. Respect everyone not only admins and owner

8. You can curse ~yay

9. There is no limit to a roleplay

10. Have some fun X3

11. YOU MUST BE AN ORIGINAL CREEPYPASTA - Alana and Angel are the only oc's